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558 Bearwood Road (corner of Sherwood Rd), Smethwick B66 4BT - 9pm (doors 8.30)

Shaine Dorsey Quintet
♦    Thursday 26th October    ♦




This week we bring you the wonderful voice of singer, Shaine Dorsey, who will be performing for us at the Silvershine Jazz Club. Daughter of popular West Midlands based Jazz & Big Band Swing Singer, the late Warren Dorsey. She spent 20 years in Germany, where she worked with all the leading Radio orchestras and top session players, becoming a favourite of Lionel Hampton. Back in the UK Shaine has worked closely with Malcolm Gibbons and Andy Peate, both of whom will be performing in this gig, and she always went down well when she joined in on Andy Hamilton's afternoon gigs at the Drum and the Symphony Hall.

The full line-up is:

Come, listen and enjoy!

Soweto Kinch Trio
♦    Friday 20th October    ♦


Soweto Kinch saxophonist, composer, rapper, MC returns to the Silvershine this time with his trio performing songs from his latest albums Black Peril and White JUJU. Having recently performed at the legendary Jamboree Jazz Club in Barcelona we’re very excited to be welcoming Soweto’s trio to The Silvershine!



Tickets are now available for the Soweto Kinch gig on Friday 20th October. £12 from TicketLab or you can pay £15 at the door.

For me, his link up with Tony Iwome at the Commonwealth Games was a bit special!

Doctor Steve’s Jazz Surgery
♦    Thursday 19th October    ♦


Dr Steve



For the 19th October Dr Steve's Jazz Surgery session at the Silvershine Jazz Club in Bearwood, Tromans will be exploring the phenomenon of the piano trio in jazz. A hugely popular format, the grouping of piano, double bass, and drums has a long and illustrious history in jazz. In this, the third decade of the 21st century, Tromans will be exploring what can be contributed to the format in terms of newness. What is it about these particular three instruments that makes for such a successful combination? Is there anything that has been overlooked in all these decades of piano trio music? Whither the piano trio in the age of electronic formats and novel approaches to what jazz is and does?


Joining Dr Steve in this musical philosophical journey will be the sublimely talented Benedict Muirhead double bass and Miles Levin drums.

James Owston Trio


James Owston has fast become a well-known name on the UK jazz scene, notably through his work with Clark Tracey, Paul Dunmall, Neil Yates, Xhosa Cole, Alex Clarke, Martin Speake, Greg Abate and many more. His exciting new trio (formed in 2021 for a Symphony Hall concert) brings together the creative minds of James Owston (bass), Alex Merritt (tenor saxophone) and Euan Palmer (drums). This gig is part of a National tour.

Here's the official blurb about the musicians:

But all you really need to know is that they're a bit good and we're only too pleased that they chose to visit the Silvershine Jazz Club on their tour... coma along and enjoy some great Jazz!

Blue Notes Jam Night
♦    Thursday 5th October    ♦




It’s a Blue Notes Jam Night this Thursday. Bring your instrument if you'd like to join in. If not, just come along and listen to some sweet, sweet music.There will be plenty of great Jazz and guest musicians to entertain you.


Malcolm Gibbons Trio
Thursday 28th September


Malcolm on guitar


Ace guitarist Malcolm Gibbons returns to the Silvershine Club to bring us some more scintillating Jazz guitar. Malcolm is one of the very best Jazz guitarists in the West Midlands and has played with some of the best the region has to offer including our founder Andy Hamilton MBE and Silvershine favourites the Steve King Big Band.


Love Jazz Guitar & you’ll love this!

Andy Peate, Cormack Loane & Friends
♦    Thursday 21st September    ♦

Andy, Cormack, Eddy, Ray and Tim


This week we have a wonderful line-up, with the welcome return of Cormack Loane on sax and Andy Peate on trumpet. They will be accompanied by Ray Pablo Brown on double bass, Tim Amann on piano and Eddy Powell on drums. I’ts been a while since Cormack has played at the Silvershine so it will be great to welcome him back.


Cormac Loane learnt his trade as a jazz musician as a schoolboy in the North-East in the 70’s, often gigging alongside bass player Gordon Sumner, who later changed his name to Sting! A life in Jazz and education brought him to Birmingham where he set up the Birmingham Schools Jazz Ensemble. Tonight he will be indulging his passion for small group jazz playing joined by Andy Peate in the front line and a cracking little rhythm section.

Expect some truly beautiful Jazz music!

Doctor Steve’s Jazz Surgery
♦    Thursday 14th September    ♦


Dr Steve


14th September will mark 35 years since Steve gave his first ever solo concert performance as a teenager. The theme for the 14th September Dr Steve’s Jazz Surgery is jazz meets minimalism. Since his teenage years, Tromans has been equally influenced by minimalist techniques of composition as much as by jazz practices - something that has repeatedly surfaced in his work across three decades of performances with his own projects and in others’ ensembles. In this extra special solo outing, Dr Steve will explore this enduring influence and the musical philosophical implications of mixing the minimal with the subliminal in continuing dedication to the liminal timespace that is the event of the new.

Steve Tromans piano and philosophical interludes.

Blue Notes Jam Night
♦    Thursday 7th September    ♦




The Silvershine Jazz Club kicks off again after a short Summer break with a Blue Notes Jam Night . Bring your instrument if you'd like to join in. If not, just come along and listen to some sweet, sweet music. There will be plenty of music and guest musicians to entertain you.